Tuesday Top Ten: Thanksgiving Food for Dogs

good turkeyThere’s no need for your dog to suffer on Thanksgiving – many of the foods you will likely be eating can be served to the dog, as well.  Our list of the top ten:

10.  Yams – a good source of fiber.  You might want to serve the dog before adding the brown sugar and marshmellows.

9.  Corn – in small amounts, provides carbs to keep his energy up.

8.  Cranberries – a little something sweet, high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

7.  Mashed potatoes – without the fatty gravy.

6.  Pumpkin pie – just a sliver.

5.  Stuffing – only if you don’t use onions or garlic in the recipe.

4.  Wild rice – a good source of fiber.

3.  Milk – dogs need calcium (just like we do) for bone strength.

2.  If you’re serving breakfast to your guests, stick a whole, raw egg in the blender for your dog.  The shell provides calcium while the insides provide protein.

1.  Turkey, turkey, and more turkey.  The best thing for your dog is protein, and turkey packs a whallop of protein without a lot of  fat.  WARNING:  Do not let your dog feast on the carcass – the small bones can easily become caught in his or her throat, or can splinter and rip up the dog’s insides.

When I make home-made dog food like this, I throw everything into the blender or food processor and puree it, then just slop it in the dogs’ bowls.  They aren’t picky about one food touching another, and they know it all goes to the same place anyways!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Thanksgiving Food for Dogs”

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  2. Also remember not to give your dog turkey skin…the skin is not good for dogs. At our house we have a turkey dog toy as a centerpiece — then the dogs get the toy for their Thanksgiving. They seem to enjoy it just as much as they do special food.

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