Canine Thanksgiving Dinner

Theron Turkey

I know, we all want to share a little of our Thanksgiving feasts with our dogs, especially because we may not have as many visitors in this virus-filled year. Just keep in mind there are some things on your table that may not be suitable for your dog.

The biggest problem may be herbs and seasonings. Garlic is a big no-no for your dog. Onions, too, can cause a problem. Grapes, raisins, avacadoes, and nuts are also on the no go list. And no chocolate or alcohol!

So, what can you feed your pup?

One strategy is to set aside a bit of food before you season or cook it. Dogs are not as susceptible to the intestinal problems we have from eating raw foods, so you can mix together some sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey, pumpkin, and cranberries before you start cooking. Just remember, they don’t need scraps under the table if you’ve planned ahead and set aside food before you cooked.

If you can’t face feeding the dog raw turkey, at least remove the skin where the seasonings are concentrated. And make sure all those tiny bones are removed. You can also give the dog the contents of that “wonderful” giblet package, raw or boiled.

Pumpkin pie filling has lots of spices in it, but raw pumpkin (straight from the gourd or the canned kind you have to season yourself) can be a real treat.

If your dog does eat something toxic, you can reach the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Keep in mind portion control. Your dog won’t be any more comfortable after a huge meal than you are. Good reason to take a long walk before the football game starts!

We here at and wish you and your dog a safe and happy Turkey Day.

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