Tuesday’s Top Ten: People Foods Your Dog Will Love

fishI don’t know if you use commercial dog food or if you make your own, but if you haven’t tried making your own, try blending together some of these ingredients – you’re dog will think he’s died and gone to heaven!

10.  Rice

9.  Oatmeal

8.  Pumpkin

7.  Peanut butter

6.  Salmon

5.  Tuna

4.  Turkey

3.  Chicken

2.  Eggs (include the shells for calcium)

1.  Beef

There are many Web sites dedicated to dog food recipes.  Just make sure you check to be sure the ingredients don’t include things that are poisonous to dogs like garlic, onions, or grapes.  Not all Web sites do any research before publishing, so check them out before you use their recipes.

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Good day, and good dog!

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: People Foods Your Dog Will Love”

  1. Dogs not only love meat and need the protein but they are natural carnivores,. so the main ingredient whether you are buying or making your dogs food should be meat, poultry or fish. Because of their domestication they are capable of eating certain fruits and vegetables, and grains but meat ( not meat by-products if you are buying the food), should be the main food.

    Some foods besides chocolate, onion and garlic your dogs should not eat
    onion powder, coffee, tea, grapes, raisins, hops, macadamia nuts, Xylitol (artificial sweetener), chicken and fish bones, gum, raw eggs (can cause salmonella poisoning in dogs), animal fat and fried foods, tomatoes, Avocado, apples, cherries, peaches and similar fruit are OK but don’t let them chew on or eat the seeds and pits, they contain cyanide., and nutmeg.

  2. Alot of people dont know what can harm their dogs I was one of those people! I had no idea onions were so bad until he got very sick ( hes ok now ) now that I know whats good and whats bad, once a week he gets chicken with rice and steamed veggies instead of table scraps from whatever Im eating.

  3. Robert – Your lettuce comment made me laugh. My son (when he was 2) tried a piece of lettuce at a dinner party we were throwing. He didn’t care for it, so he set it on the ground. A few minutes later, he picked it up, tried it again and still had a negative opinion, so he set it down in the middle of my boss’ dinner plate. (You know – the boss who hates children!)

  4. My dog will eat anything it sees me eating.

    In particular I get pestered for:

    Garlic cloves and Onion (which goes to show it is not only humans that like things that are bad for them.)
    Marsh Mellows
    The postman, (The police keep asking me questions, I’m sure they are suspicious. I need to get rid of that skull Max is chewing).

    He will not eat
    Lettuce (though if I eat a piece first he will try his best to eat it, he has a great expression on his face as he tries)
    Hard boiled sweets
    Children (except when covered in chocolate)

  5. I worked somewhere where we had a dog whose owners would make its food and bring it in for it instead of having us feed it actual dog food. We ended up having a tub of ground beef and rice in the refrigerator for like four days but the dog loved it. And on holidays even my dad, the one who “hates” my dog, would feed her breakfast leftovers like eggs, sausage (which would send me running to the wrapper checking for garlic and such) and it would just make her day even more than all the extra company and attention.

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