Is a raw diet dangerous?

Assorted Raw MeatsI have recently switched my dog to a raw diet because she needs limited ingredients due to food allergies. (Check back tomorrow for my recipe.) Overall, I think it’s beneficial to her, but I recently read an article where it said the diet could be dangerous for me, as her caretaker.

As you may know, the shape of a dog’s gut prevents him from getting sick after ingesting e.coli and other bacteria sometimes found in raw meat. However, according to an article in Men’s Journal, the dog can pass e. coli and listeria to humans through saliva and feces. And, of course, you can also become infected by improperly handling raw meats.

It seems to me that most of these problems can be easily solved by good housekeeping. Simply wash your hands after you handle raw meat and after you clean up dog poop. Dealing with your dog’s saliva may be a little more difficult, depending on whether or not you allow your dog to lick your face. As long as the saliva doesn’t get into your mouth, nose, or eyes, you should be okay.

Your thoughts?

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