Saturday Survey: Where Do You Buy Dog Food?


If you’ve been a long time reader, you know I have toyed with making homemade dog food several times, but can never seem to find the time to stick with it for very long. I have the typical working parent guilt – I know it’s better for the dog if I make it myself, but I have a hard time juggling everything I “should” be doing. Earlier this week, I posted about how happy I am with, a budget conscious and convenient way to get high quality food for the dog even though it is commercially made. What about you?

Where do you buy your dog's food

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Where Do You Buy Dog Food?”

  1. Not sure what Target is considered-Grocery or Discount.
    Anyway we adopted an E. Setter at not quite 3. She has been on IAMs for Active Dogs since then. She will be 16 in April so there you have it. She probably she be on a Senior version but tried it and her tummy wasn’t as hPpy as with the Active Dog.

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