Stew’s On! UPDATED

0529150831So, as promised, I finally got around to starting the dog stew, according to the recipe we featured last week.

My first advice is: Use a very large crock pot, or cut the recipe in half. As you can see, it gets very full. Although I will confess I added a couple of boneless chicken breasts to the pot, which I will pull out for my family’s dinner this afternoon. Still, it looks like an whole lot of stew!

My dogs did enjoy sampling the ingredients as I cut them up; so far, so good!

As far as pricing, I spent about $18 on the chicken and about $7.50 in vegetables, so call it $25 or so for the whole thing. I believe I spend about $25 on the XXL bag of dog chow, which lasts us about 3 weeks, so the home cooking thing will definitely be more expensive, but you’re supposed to be able to feed less and have the dog retain more when you use good quality ingredients.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

UPDATE: The dogs LOVED this stew! I’m estimating I can probably feed my four dogs for about 3 days with one crock pot full, so the cost is pretty steep, but I may never get them to eat plain kibble again!

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