Chihuahuas From Hell

chihuahuaI received the following e-mail from Minjae Ormes at the National Geographic Channel:

I wanted to send you a brief video clip from this Friday’s new episode of Dog Whisperer.  I sure wouldn’t want to mess with these guys.  :)

*Chihuahuas From Hell*

*Friday, January 30 at 8 pm ET/PT*

Cesar heads to Portland, to tackle one of his toughest cases yet – a vicious Chihuahua named El Diablo.  At the Lov-A-Bull rescue organization, El Diablo acts like a dictator, ruling the 50-acre facility an scaring the much larger pit bulls that live there.

Video:  “Mean Little Dogs” – The biggest trouble can come in the smallest packages.  Link:

Please watch if you can.

Thanks, Minjae!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

 P.S. Wondering where chihuahuas came from? Check out this travel information website for visitors interested in Mexico vacation destinations.  If you’ve had as much snow as we have this month, a Mexican vacation actually looks pretty appealing!

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2 thoughts on “Chihuahuas From Hell”

  1. Some chihuahuas may have a “tidbits inferiority complex” being so tiny, so they
    make up for it by acting big. The bluff obviously works with big dogs – and humans!

  2. I’ve been a “dog person” all my life. The only time a dog bit me was when I tried to look at a stray Chihuahua’s collar to see if I could find an address or phone number, and the little &^#$&! bit me hard, drawing blood! Fortunately, he lived nearby and I was able to ask his “person” if his shots were up to date, which they were. Ever since, I tend to give the little guys a wide berth.

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