Tonight on Dogtown

As you know, I’ve been trying to give you a heads-up about new dog-related programming, in case you want to set your TiVo.  Got this e-mail from National Geographic Channel about the 3rd season of Dogtown:

Dog care manager Michelle Besmehn travels to Los Angeles to rescue several older dogs from an overcrowded puppy mill.  Many have severe medical issues and haven’t seen a vet before.  One younger dog, a Chihuahua named Mei Mei, likely spent her life in a cage, and needs Michelle’s training to become house-trained; and Gertie, a bulgy-eyed shih tzu, requires the right home for her special needs.  Then, Charro, an adult Lab mix with a persistent cough, is rescued from a neglectful home by an animal welfare group.  Dr. Mike performs a risky lung surgery on Charro that he’s never done before. 

Also, here’s more information about the this week’s featured dogs:

Enjoy your weekend!

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