My animals sleeping arrangements, in case you’re interested

I am (obviously) having trouble sleeping, so I thought I’d tell you what’s on my mind tonight.  As I look around my bedroom, I am amused by where my animals choose to sleep. 

Twiggy, the cat, is in my office chair (had to kick her out to write this). 

Kayla, my muttigree, is in my easy chair, where she goes every evening, as soon as I vacate it. 

Maggie, the Golden, right now is by the side of the bed, but she will move to the hardwood floor by the bathroom where it’s cooler soon. 

Cooper, the Vizsla, is currently under the covers in my bed.  He spends about half the night there, but unfortunately it’s not 4 hours  straight.  He spends about an hour under the covers, then gets out when he gets hot.  Then he paws at me to get back under when he gets cold…ALL night long!  

The other cat, Panther,  is hiding.  Not sure where she goes at night.  Sometimes she gets trapped downstairs after the dogs wake up, and we have to put them outside so she can sneak back upstairs. 

Finally, Penny, my beagle, is sleeping on my extra pillow, which is on the floor because I was getting the bed ready for me to go to sleep.  (Silly me, I thought I might get to sleep before 1 am tonight!)  I think she’s the only one who would actually sleep on a dog bed if I got one.  The ones we’ve had in the past have made great chew toys, but have never been used as beds!

I know you think I’m just rambling because I’m tired & cranky, but I do have a point here – my Saturday survey is going to ask you about your animals’ sleeping arrangements.  So, your assignment this week is to pay attention so you can answer the survey honestly!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “My animals sleeping arrangements, in case you’re interested”

  1. I have 2 dogs. 1 being a black lab(buddy), and the other being a puggle (noodle)

    I have trouble sleeping at night so i tend to move around alot.. Noodle (my puggle) just lays in between my legs or if she is feeling very lovey she will come up and put her face next to mine. Only if her head can be on pillow and the rest of her under the blanket. She thinks the is a child. 🙂

    Buddy the black lab he moves alot when he lseeps. i keep the bedroom door closed because my fiance works 3rd. So he will sleep next to the bed than about 2 hours later move to the door. but when i am sitting on the couch he sleeps in front of the main door.. Why is this?

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