Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Your Dog Will Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Years DogAs we get ready to put up the new calendar, here’s our list of top ten ways your dog can celebrate the event.

10.  Chase the ball dropping on Times Square – maybe this year I’ll finally catch it.

9.  Sleep – the best way to celebrate anything.

8.  Drink from the punch bowl – tastes better than toilet water.

7.  Pray I don’t have to wear a silly hat this year.

6.  Eat all the noisemakers before midnight.

5.  Party like it’s 1999.

4.  Resolve not to run down the steps next year so I don’t go sliding around on the bare floor when I hit the bottom.

3.  Steal the remaining Christmas cookies.

2.  Warm up the easy chair for the football games tomorrow.

1.  Lay a big wet one on mom and dad at midnight.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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