Dog Overboard!

Remember the Tom Hanks movie where he survived a plane crash, only to be stranded on a deserted island? How about Gilligan and his friends, stuck perpetually on an uncharted desert isle after what was supposed to only be a three-hour tour (a three-hour tour). How many of you have wished to spend some time on a deserted island when life gets to be too much? Keep reading for a story about Sophie Tucker, an Australian Cattle Dog who fell overboard from her family’s boat and swam over five miles to an island.

After choppy waters tossed her overboard from the Griffith’s family boat off the coast of Australia in November, Sophie found dry land on St. Bee’s Island.  Her family tried to find her when they realized she was gone, but the sea was so gray, they couldn’t spot her.  They assumed she had been overcome by the boat’s wake and drowned. 

Sophie survived for four months by eating wild baby goats until she was found by park rangers, who at first thought they had found a wild dog.  The rangers publicized the find, and the Griffith family immediately contacted them when they learned that the found dog was an Austrailian Cattle Dog.

Sophie was apparently very happy to see her guardians, but had become wild and vicious during the ordeal.  She has now settled back into her normal routine and has become docile again now that she feels a bit more secure.

I guess I’d be a little untrusting, too after dodging sharks for five miles and living on nothing but goat meat for four months!

Congratulations to Sophie for surviving her harrowing ordeal!  And best wishes to the Griffith family on their happy reunion.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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