Tuesday’s Top Ten: Funnest Dog Breeds

OK, so I’m not sure funnest is even a word, and there is no science to this list – it is simply the dog breeds I have known that I have had fun with.  This topic came to mind because my dogs are having  some serious playtime in my office – running all over the place and play-biting each other. 

Some dogs, like the Basset Hound, turn into doorstops soon after leaving puppyhood, so they’re not what I would call fun.  Other dogs, like German Shepherds, are too serious about being a guard dog, so I’ve never seen one having fun.  (OK, the address is “[email protected], for all of you Basset and German Shepherd owners!)

Anyways, here’s my list:

10.  Airedale terrier – one of the families I used to babysit for had 2 of these beauties.  They were a bundle of energy, and lots of fun!

9.  Afghan hound – a friend of mine had an Afghan that loved to watch TV shows featuring both other dogs and bells.  We would watch the lottery on TV, and she thought the winner’s bell was the doorbell.  It drove her nuts because no one came to see her, even though the bell was ringing!

8.  Brittany – I’ve never personally had one, but my friend’s dad used to keep them for hunting.  She says they were very playful and great dogs to have around when they were kids.

7.  Japanese Chin – My sister has one of these tiny dogs.  Molly loved having visitors when we stayed there last winter.

6.  Foxhound – The one we had was a mutt, but had a lot of foxhound in her.  She was so playful – even with the much larger dog we had at the time.

5.  Collie – I grew up with a collie, as well as five brothers and sisters.  Lady was so much fun to take to the park or playground!

4.  Vizsla – OK, maybe I’m biased, but Cooper is my absolute most favorite dog ever.  He will play whenever you ask him to, but leaves you alone if you don’t want to play with him.  (And he is one of the dogs currently terrorizing my office!)

3.  Labrador Retriever – not my favorite breed because they don’t know when to stop playing!  They’re just too big and powerful to always be in play mode.

2.  Beagle – my little Penny always wants to play.

1.  Mutt-i-gree!  My most favorite breed of all.  Mutts are never pretentious or fussy, and are always ready to go out and play!

Obviously, there will be a wide variety of opinions here.  What breeds make your list??

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Funnest Dog Breeds”

  1. I enjoyed reading your article! My boyfriend and I are really wanting to get a Yellow Retriever but I’m still looking at other breeds just to make sure it is the right one for us. The comments here are funny too as I’ve had a similar situation..lol

  2. Frank – That is so funny! My friend with the Afghan had a similar experience. She had a blonde Afghan and a blonde best friend. Another friend kept asking the blonde friend about the trip she had taken, which the blonde friend knew nothing about, since it was the Afghan who had been in the car on the trip!

  3. Boxers. Every morning is a brand new day and it’s just so exciting to be alive. Right up until 9pm this is how it is. And they’re so much fun to watch run around!
    Australian Shephards also make the list. Super smart and super fun-loving and goofy.
    Boston Terriers are tons of fun.
    Golden Retrievers are also super smart and love to play.

  4. Way back in the early ’60s, when guys were just beginning to grow long hair, I was driving down the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood (California) with my family of four. We saw a car in the next lane and slightly ahead of us, and later shared that all of us were quietly wondering if the the long-haired passenger was a guy or a gal. When we passed the car, we all had a good laugh when we realized that it was an Afghan Hound!

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