Tuesday Top Ten: Hardest Dogs to Obedience Train

Last week, we covered the breeds that are easiest to train.  This week, the dogs who are hardest to train.  Again, this says nothing about the intelligence of the dog.  Trainability is not the same as intelligence.  In my opinion, it speaks more to the stubbornness of the breeds, as well as to their native character traits.  For example, the Beagle is simply a nose with feet.  Dogs of this breed are much more interested in following scent trails than commands.

I have included a link for each breed back to our breed guides where you can find information on the history, temperament, and health of each one.  (Or check out our complete list of dog breeds.)

10. Fox Terrier

9.  Chow Chow

8.  Pekingese

7.  Pomeranian

6.  Pug

5.  Chihuahua

4.  West Highland White Terrier

3.  Basset Hound

2.  Afghan Hound

1.  Beagle

Fortunately, most of these dogs are small.  All dogs should be trained for obedience, if for no other reason than safety, but it’s a whole lot easier to live with a small dog who doesn’t listen than with a large dog who doesn’t.

If you have one of these breeds in your home, don’t give up on training.  This list doesn’t imply that the dogs can’t be trained, only that these particular breeds require a lot of patience, positive reinforcement, and repetition.

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Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Hardest Dogs to Obedience Train”

  1. I never would think that the Pekingese would be a very controlling little dog and does not understand who the master of the house.

  2. I am in total agreement. Prior to getting my precious Beagle Danny Boy I have had Shepherds, Labs & a Huskie-mix. I didn’t know the meaning of “hard to train” until Danny Boy came into my life. Keeping his attention focused on me has been next to impossible. As you said, once he picks up on a scent (which he ALWAYS DOES) he completely tunes me out!! I have had him for three years now & he is still a “work in progress”. However, that being said, he is by far the sweetest & most lovable little guy I’ve ever had.

  3. You’ve totally missed the least trainable dog – the basenji.

    I’ve seen a Sibe trained and awarded its CDX (Companion Dog Excellent). You can’t get even a “sit” with a Basenji, let alone a CD (Companion Dog title).

  4. the siberian husky is the hardest dog to train. my dog is allready 3 years old and is just now starting to settle

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