Tuesday Top Ten: Guard Dogs

Dogo Argentino

Loyalty. Intelligence.  Obedience.  These are the top qualities you will look for in a guard dog.  You don’t necessarily want a dog who will bark to alert you to intruders – that’s a watch dog.  Guard dogs, on the other hand, take care of the problem by taking down the intruder.  Early socialization is important because a guard dog must be able to distinguish between friendly people who just happen to be strangers, and those people who actually pose a threat to you and your family.

So, what are the top ten breeds to fulfill all of these requirements?

10.  Boxer

9.  Chow Chow

8.  Bullmastiff

7.  Dogo Argentino

6.  Akita

5.  Pit Bull

4.  Cane Corso

3.  Doberman

2.  Belgian Malinois

1.  German Shepherd Dog

Check out the complete list of guard dogs on our breed guides page.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Guard Dogs”

  1. help , doberman has to urinate about every 2 hours and goes in basement,! 2 nd one that does this. real hard to handle and why?? anyone???3 year old female not spayed yet afraid it will make it worse as it did for one person…

  2. that is a buntch of crap those are not the top guard dogs from expereance a boxer is to dum , chow chow not luyal enough , and pit bull turn on their owner to much to much dovermen should be 1 or 2 they are one of the best dogs u will ever own.

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