Tuesday Top Ten: Easiest Dogs to Obedience Train

If you’re thinking about bringing a new dog into your home, one of your considerations may be how easy it will be to obedience train the newest member of your family.  I polled several dog sites and compared their lists to my personal experience to come up with the list below of the dogs who are easiest to obedience train.  This isn’t to say these dogs are necessarily the smartest, only that they will readily learn and respond to commands.

For each breed, I’ve provided a link back to our breed guides where you can learn more about each breed’s temperament, history, health, and other important traits.  (Or check out our complete list of dog breeds.)

10.  Doberman Pinscher

9.  Brittany

8.  Poodle

7.  Bulldog

6.  German Shepherd

5.  Golden Retriever

4.  Papillion

3.  Australian Cattle Dog

2.  Australian Shepherd

1.  Border Collie

Those of you who read this blog often may be surprised that my favorite dogs, the hounds, are not represented on the list.  Look for them next week on the list of breeds that are hardest to obedience train.

You’ll note that the herding dogs are rated very highly on this list.  Keep in mind that intelligent dogs are also dogs who need a job.  If you are going to add an intelligent dog, such as one from the herding group, to your family, make sure you are prepared to provide plenty of mental stimulation or the dog may become destructive when he or she is bored.

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Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Easiest Dogs to Obedience Train”

  1. I have two Boston Terrier girls, 18 months old and they have been a dream to train. These two are so smart, I know they can tell time. I have had Bostons my whole life, 8 sets of two to be exact and they are smart and very obedient. Females are much easier in this breed than males.

  2. Good advice. I’m surprised at some of these. My experience has been a little different. I have found labs and Shelties to be easy to train as well.

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