Tuesday’s Top Ten: AKC-Registered Dog Breeds in 2009

AKC logoThe American Kennel Club has recently released its list of the breeds most registered with them in 2009. Although purebred guardians are under no obligation to register their dogs, and mixed-breed families aren’t allowed to register, this list is used as one indication of the popularity of the various breeds.

10.  Shih Tzu – this small little ragamuffin may be gaining in popularity because of its dual use as a dust mop!  (Can’t you just see one in a Swiffer commercial?)

9.  Poodle – a perennial favorite

8.  Dachshund – your basic weiner dog

7. Bulldog – known for being adorable and gentle

6.  Boxer – intelligent, powerful, and alert

5.  Beagle – none cuter than my Penny Layne!

4.  Golden Retriever – the quintessential family dog

3.  Yorkshire Terrier – another Swiffer competitor

2.  German Shepherd – known for his protective streak

And, for the 19th year in a row, the number one ranked dog based on AKC popularity is…(drumroll please)

The Labrador Retriever!

Come back tomorrow when we’ll examine the various trends the list shows.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: AKC-Registered Dog Breeds in 2009”

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  4. Yes! A dust mop…I can see one in a Swifter commercial.

    I think the most popular dogs are Wonder Dogs…you wonder what breed they are. That is what Betsy and Norman are.

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