EPA takes action on counterfeit flea & tick treatments

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What action is EPA announcing?

EPA, in cooperation with its state and regional regulatory partners, is announcing the issuance of stop sale, use, and removal orders to retailers and other distributors of certain counterfeit pesticide products for control of fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. The stop sale, use, and removal orders are intended to disrupt an effort to distribute counterfeit pet pesticides. The counterfeit pesticides appear to have been unlawfully imported and were packaged in cartons designed to look like legitimately registered pesticides available in the U.S. under the trade names “Advantage” and “Frontline.” The orders prohibit retailers and other distributors from distributing or selling the counterfeit pesticide products and require their proper disposal.

Why is EPA taking this action?

EPA is responsible for assuring that all pesticides sold in the United States do not cause adverse effects under EPA-approved label use conditions. The counterfeiters have placed foreign labeled applicator package inserts in counterfeited Advantage and Frontline retail cartons printed to resemble the U.S. -registered products. Frontline products, among other things, may be missing instruction leaflets bearing directions for use required under U.S. law. Further, the Frontline applicators may not be in the required child-resistant packaging. In addition to the inadequate labeling and packaging, consumers cannot be assured that the counterfeiters inserted the appropriate size applicator for the animal pictured or otherwise indicated on the retail carton of either the Advantage or Frontline products. So, use of the counterfeit products may put the treated pet at risk.

Are all of the Frontline and Advantage brands of pesticides counterfeit?

Consumers should be aware that the Frontline and Advantage brands of pesticides are registered by EPA. The manufacturers of these two product lines are not implicated in the enforcement actions EPA is announcing. However, product inventory that may be available at the retail level at this time could include both counterfeit and legitimately registered and marketed pesticides. Therefore, EPA is advising you about this problem and recommending that you determine whether the product you are considering or have purchased appears to be a counterfeit of the EPA-registered pesticides.

What products are affected by this action?

The following are brand names and EPA registration numbers of legitimate products. The counterfeit products may use these same names and numbers.

* Frontline Top Spot for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 65331-2)
* Frontline Top Spot for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 65331-3)
* Frontline Plus for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 65331-4)
* Frontline Plus for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 65331-5)
* Advantage 10 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-117)
* Advantage 20 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-119)
* Advantage 55 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-120)
* Advantage 100 for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 11556-122)
* Advantage 9 for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 11556-116)
* Advantage 18 for Cats (EPA Reg. No. 11556-118)

Go to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to learn how to determine if you have purchased legitimate products, who to contact if you didn’t, and how to dispose of counterfeit ones.

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