Meet Chesley Sullen-barker

chesleyI took my kids out for ice cream after their baseball game tonight, and we ran into the nicest dog at the ice cream shop.  His human said he had lost his front leg in a car accident and then went to the Humane Society, where they met.  The man was looking for a hero’s name for the dog, and had just about settled on Chesley Sullenberger III (after the pilot who successfully ditched his plane in the Hudson), when his daughter suggested a slight change:  Chesley Sullen-barker!

What a great dog!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Meet Chesley Sullen-barker”

  1. We have a perfectly able English Setter that suddenly becomes unable to walk when she is outside and has to come in if we are leaving! I have pulled her front legs with her lying on her back across the lawn. (Gently and not for any great distance, just do a little cuz it is SO funny!)

  2. I also have a three legger…She’s missing a front leg just like Chesley. She gets around quite well, and is able to go about anywhere she wants. ( However when she dosen’t want to go somewhere, she is suddenly completely disabled, to the point where she can neither move nor hear apparently…very odd!) She goes up and down stairs, hops up on the lazy-boy, and is happy to jump into anyones car. I would guess that the front limbs carry more like 55-60% of the bodys weight, rather than 70%, though maybe for big headed breeds the percentage is higher? Anyway, Tabby dosen’t feel disabled I don’t think… she would happily hop a mile for Ice Cream too! (-:

  3. They had actually walked a couple of miles before I saw them, and Chesley was ready for more! (By the way, Handel’s ice cream is that good – I’d walk a few miles for it myself!)

  4. Poor dog. I hear it’s really difficult for a dog to loose a front leg since they carry 70% of their weight or something on their front legs. He looks like he’s done fine though!

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