Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons I, Twister, Like Summer

Hi!  My name is Twister.  I’m a rescue from the humane society.  Aren’t I gorgeous?  I met the Dog Lady at the ice cream stand tonight, and she asked me what I like best about summertime.  Here’s my list.

10.  Two words:  COOK OUTS!

9.  Tormenting the mailman in his goofy little shorts that leave those meaty calves exposed.

8.  Raiding the vegetable garden.

7.  Taking trips to the ice cream stand after my family’s baseball games.

6.  Bobbing for ice cubes in my water dish.

5.  Basking in front of the fan at home.

4.  Playing in the yard with my 2-leggers.

3.  Pretending  I can’t hear you when you tell me to get out of the kids’ pool.

2.  Chasing the lawn mower.

1.  Dock Diving!

Gotta go – I see an ice cream cone that needs to be licked.

Oh, and the Dog Lady said to tell you, “Good day, and good dog!”  I think that last part was for me.

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