Meet Barak the Weight-Pulling Champion!


OK, I know I spend too much time at the ice cream stand, but it’s where I get my best dog stories!  We pulled in tonight and saw this dog with a harness, pulling a huge chain behind him.  Our first thought was “who would make their dog pull a chain around?”  You know me, I had to ask.

Turns out this 2-year old American Bulldog, Barak, is in training to maintain his status as a champion weight-puller. That’s a new one on me – I had not heard of this kind of competition before.

On July 4th, Barak pulled 2,590 pounds to earn his NKC Weight Pull 3, the highest classification NKC offers.  And he is working on his UKC championship points.

His daily workout includes pulling a 50-pound weight for 2 miles, stopping for ice cream at the half-way point.  His friend, Joe, says he is starting on agility training as well, but they tried dock diving and Barak wasn’t too happy about the water involved in that sport.

BTW, the dog was named BEFORE the presidential election, if you were wondering.

Next up for Barak:  The Sun Beau Valley show in Ravenna, Ohio, presented by the Carnation City Kennel Club, on September 5 – 6.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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18 thoughts on “Meet Barak the Weight-Pulling Champion!”

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    this is the first time anyone has placed a pulling animal BEHIND a steering wheel- that makes it so easy- that makes it big news !
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  2. ABDs are amazing and of course there would be a person on here calling weightpulling abusive….. well darlin I bet you dont like the idea that these dogs as well as other breeds are trained to pull there owners in emergency cases to safety as well as to help those who cant lift things for themselves and so on……. weightpulling ONLY becomes abusives to an animal if the owner is an idiot and allows the dog to get hurt. enough said Barak is a great dog … as well as he was a great pup. With getting his ability to be what he can be from his parents and his early start and now with Joe getting him to do he will retire a happy dog with well earned titles. :)

  3. Marina Trofin,

    What exactly makes this abuse in your mind?? He likes to pull things. Dogs (or at least most dogs) are unique in the fact that they will not pull if it is going to hurt them. Also it is a great outlet for all of his energy.

    Would it be a better situation if I let him grow fat and restless on the couch and build up his energy with no release?? That would not only be bad for his health but would also encourage him to get into trouble.

  4. I still am thinking this is an abused dog!!!I wouldn’t let my dog to pull such a heavy thing!!! It is a free country and this is my oppinion.

  5. Just so everyone knows Barak will be taking his TDI and CGC tests on Sunday if there is still an open testing slot, if not we will try to get him in for either the Aug. 3rd or 30th testings!!! I’ll post his results after the test.

  6. Great dog, this is my granddog, and I love him, he is so friendly and cute. He likes to cuddle but is so big and heavy!! He is adorable!! He is a real good dog!

  7. I really love the article you wrote on my boy Barak. He is by far the best dog I have ever owned. He does great with my 5 children and loves to work and play. He will do anything for some ice cream and attention (and he gets plenty of both). These really are great dogs, all it takes is a little time training and a lot of love for them to do whatever you want.

    I would like to see anyone interested in either American Bulldogs or weight pulling at the show in Ravenna. It’s free to come watch and lots of fun for the whole family.

  8. Obie- I had to laugh when I saw your comment. Only because I live in Canton, Ohio, where high school football is king. We have the Canton McKinley Bulldogs, and in the neighboring town we have the Massillon Tigers, whose mascot is named, you guessed it, Obie! I had never imagined I would see someone named Obie complimenting a bulldog!

  9. Great Job!!! Keep up the good work Joe and Barak! Love to see those American Bulldogs working and put in a positive light for the public to see they are a wonderful working breed capable of all sorts of tasks when in the right hands! They are not a breed for everyone, and are happiest when they have a job to do and an outlet for thier energy!

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