Personal Ads for Dogs


I got this as an e-mail, and am posting it because I think it is such a clever way to approach adoption ads!

Looking For A Good Time?  Call Gigi.

I’m a young, athletic, intelligent girl looking for a forever home with someone who will give me lots of love.   I love long walks in the park, playing with the boys (and the girls,) and Mama’s home cookin.’  I have lovely sleek black hair, long legs and a trim waist.

Call Lisa at 912-856-4578 or e-mail at bakke.lisa(at) to see if we can make a Love Connection.

Gigi was dumped in our backyard in Savannah, GA and is looking for someone to love (and feed) her.  She was quite thin and thirsty, but has rebounded quickly and is filling out nicely.  She is a boxer/? Terrier mix. At about 20 pounds, she has some growing to do. Gigi is crate-trained and mostly house-broken.  She plays well with other dogs and is doing fine with my toddler.

If you are interested in adopting this fine girl, give me a call to get more details.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Personal Ads for Dogs”

  1. This is wonderful and appreciative informations in the website. I will get in touch or send some people who will need your help. take care

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  3. I am a 16 year old teen who has been waiting to have a dog of his own for years. Finally my parents have moved where I can have one but my dad’s list of MUSTS are very specific. If you live in or near Evans, CO and know of a dog that could be one of my best friends, please let me know.

    Must be female, NO PUPPY, No more than 18 lbs., NO pit bull in the mix, house broken or kennel trained (we live in an apartment.)

    I will give lots of LOVE and exercise – walks, etc. I do not have a lot of money but for the right dog will do whatever it takes to find my long awaited pet!!

    Thanks – Contact me – Randy at the above e-mail address.

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