Dog bites police officer, gets tasered and shot 3 times


OK, when you read the headline you’re thinking it’s a Rott, a Pit, or some other big strong dog, right?  Nope, it was a 5-pound Chihuahua mix! Here’s the story from WCPO, a local TV station in Cincinnati.

A Blue Ash family is outraged after returning home to find their dog had been shot and killed by a police officer.

The dog was a Chihuahua-mix named “Jack” that Scott and Sharon Bullock had given to their 12-year-old son for his birthday a few years ago, NewsChannel5 partner WCPO-TV reported.

When the Bullocks returned home from a family member’s funeral on Friday, they found blood and three bullets on their front porch, along with a note to call the Blue Ash Police Department about their dog.

The Bullocks were shocked to learn that Jack had gotten out of the back yard and two officers who tried to catch him ended up shooting and killing him right on the family’s front porch.

“He was cornered on the porch and scared,” said Sharon Bullock. “The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack, and Jack bit him.”

“My 5-year-old cried himself to sleep the night before last, wanting his dog,” said Sharon Bullock.

“He ‘barks’ for him,” added Scott Bullock. “He’d ‘bark’ and Jack would always come to him, so he’s outside going ‘Bark bark bark,’ hoping he’s gonna come back. It’s heartbreaking.”

The Bullocks told their 5-year-old and 3-year-old sons that Jack ran away.

The Bullocks admit they were at fault for leaving their dog outside, and are sorry the officer was bitten, but they said their dog was not a vicious animal and had never bitten anyone before.

They’re wondering why the officers didn’t call the SPCA to catch the dog.

“They didn’t make that phone call other than to come scoop the dog off the porch after they shot him,” said Scott Bullock. “Two grown men that can’t gather up a 5-pound dog –- and they’re trained police officers –- sounds ridiculous to me.”

That officer later explained to the family that he was following procedure.

The Blue Ash Police Department has not returned calls for comment on the incident.

The family said there were two officers involved. One was bitten. The other officer shocked the dog with a Taser gun and then shot him three times.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world indeed.

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Good day, and good dog!

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16 thoughts on “Dog bites police officer, gets tasered and shot 3 times”

  1. The names of these officers should be public record and they should be
    a matter of public record!!

  2. The dog owner was asked by Blue Ash to accept a lesser charge of “disorderly conduct” on his record. Considering how ridiculous this was of course he said NO. The case has been taken downtown to be heard by a jury and the police officer that was bitten has obtained an attorney to sue the family.


  4. OMG!!! Sure makes you feel safe knowing these cops are on duty, huh?
    What on earth would they do if confronted with a real criminal, if they are that afraid of a 5 lb. dog? They should be removed from their positions, and put behind a desk, shredding paper or something more in tune with their lack of courage in the “face of imminent danger”.

  5. Sad as it has been for the dog’s owner, the more important story is that some people should never be allowed to wear a badge. We have all met them, the ones who are just itching to fire their weapon or who became a cop as a power trip. There are many good cops out there and a relatively few bad ones, but the bad ones need to be weeded out. I was born and raised in Cincinnati and hope current citizens of Blueash will raise hell until those two cops are gone.

  6. Chasing the poor dog around is what scared it in the first place. If they had just called to it from a low position, it probably would have just come to them to be picked up or pet.
    THIS is why Police should RARELY be allowed to use their weapons. And get rid of that TASER, all they seem to do with that is scare dogs and people before they beat or kill them anyway.

  7. I think that though tragic, this is a GREAT newstory. I know everyone’s wondering how can I say this, but each day The state of Ohio is being led by animal rights activists and lobbyists to classify ALL dogs as vicious dogs.
    and how do police handle a vicious dog when on a call? They taze it then shoot it. I dont care if it’s 5 lbs or 105 lbs. Might want to call your local representitive to let them know dogs are dogs, not dangerous, just dogs and you want to KEEP your RIGHT to own “man’s best friend” .

  8. This breaks my heart. That is probably one of the most brutal things I’ve ever heard. It’s a 6lb dog. All it has is its bite. And, seriously, does it really hurt that bad when a Chihuahua bites you? Give me a break. This was just outright heartlessness and cruelty. And to shoot it three times after being tazered? Horrible and totally unnecessary!

  9. Heartless, They should get a taste of their own medicine. Corner them, kick the crap out of them then tazer them… Let them crawl home if they are up to it, if they aren’t .. oh well sucks to be you… JERKS.. I hope they get embarrassed.

  10. I can not believe this. How heartless can these guys be. Sounds like a couple of idiots to me. I think the Animal Rights group should step in and investigate. I’m glad I don’t live there. These guys are dangerous and should be fired. If this is how they are around a small animal then how can they be trusted to do their job correctly . I would understand if it were a large dog but a small dog like that.. come on they were just itching to use the tazzer gun and shoot something and get away with it.

  11. what the********i cant belive it ,hope that these cops dont ever mete the real BAD guys. i think that the police should at least replace the dog,it was a childs dog!!

  12. Take the cowards to court ! The fact that they used the taser, proves that this was just plain murder !

  13. I am so disgusted that a trained professional officer acted so thoughtlessly about the situation. I know a taser can take down a grown man and they are saying it didnt stop that small dog. The department is covering for him and maybe there’s a reason. Hmmm maybe he’s the cop who shot and killed someone in Cincinnati that was unarmed and thats why riots started. I have heard reports that cop was moved to serve in Blue Ash. Wow and I glad I do not live there with trigger happy cops. My sympathy to the family regarding their loss and I hope there is some action they can take against the dept. there. Major action!

  14. Are you kidding me… I’m a tiny 19-year-old girl and I can wrangle a Chihuahua. It’s a little disturbing to me that the police can’t handle one. That’s messed up. In any case the level they went to is highly excessive and inappropriate. Especially if there was two of them. The one not getting bit grabs the dog. I’ve done it dozens and dozens of times. People are terrible sometimes.

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