Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Jokes

shutterstock_305081384From our friends at Woofipedia: Top ten dog jokes. Okay, some of them are groaners, but at least a few of them will bring a smile to your Tuesday!

1. What do you call a cold dog sitting on a woman’s hairpiece?
A chili dog on a bun.

2. How does a dog stop a TV show?
He presses paws.

3. What type of dog doesn’t bark?
A hush puppy.

4. What kind of dog does Dracula have?
A Bloodhound.

5. Did you hear about the dog who had puppies on the sidewalk?
She was ticketed for littering.

6. What does a dog say before eating?
Bone appetite!

7. How is a dog like a marine biologist?
One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.

8. What does a Dalmatian say when he’s scratching an itch?
Ahh, that’s the spot!

9. Why did the tree think the dog was talking to him?
He kept saying “bark, bark, bark!”

10. A police officer was sitting his car with his K9 partner in the back seat. A man walked over and asked, “Is that a dog in the back seat?” The officer said, “It sure is.” The man responded, “Wow, what did he do?”

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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