Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Sins

churchAfter my last top ten list which featured the prayers of our four-footed friends, I was asked to compile a list of the top ten dog sins. So, here we go.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

10. You are the Lord my God, but I found myself worshipping at the feet of my master yesterday. To be fair, she was holding a hot dog at the time.

9. I tried really hard not to build false idols, but I couldn’t resist looking up to the Milk Bone box when it was left out on the table last week.

8. I never take the Lord’s name in vain, but my dad may need a reminder that my first name is not “Dammit”.

7. Don’t worry about my remembering the Sabbath. I don’t do much work on any of the seven days.

6. Usually, I honor my parents, but I did call my mother a bitch the other day.

5. Killing is probably the biggest sin of all. Does it count that I totally destroyed my squeaky toy?

4. Adultery. That’s a tough one. You see, there’s this really hot poodle that lives down the street…

3. I admit it. I am a thief. This is probably my biggest sin. The little people at my house just can’t seem to remember to shut the refrigerator door, and it’s asking just a bit much to tell me I can’t take advantage of the situation.

2. And, I guess since I blamed the whole refrigerator incident on my brother, I’m guilty of bearing false witness, as well.

1. Covetous? Me? What could I possibly covet? I’ve got toys, treats, and I’m living the life of Riley. Well, maybe I’m just a little jealous of my neighbor, who still has his manhood, but other than that…

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Dog Sins”

  1. Jacqueline – I’ve not heard of a mini Malamute. With most dog breeds, when they tell you it is a miniature, it often means it has been bred with a smaller dog or is the runt of the litter and expected to stay smaller than normal size.

    As far as one dog grooming another, my Golden grooms my Beagle every night. Penny will sidle up to Maggie every evening just before bed time and lay down in front of her for her bath. If Maggie’s not in the mood to do it, Penny will whine and paw at her until she does. Once the bath is over, she crawls into her bed & falls asleep!

  2. I’m curious about my four dogs. The oldest is twelve and female.She’s mixed wiith a chihuahua and a Daschund. She thinks that she’s a liitle girl. Up until two years ago she was the only one. Then we got two others. The people we purchased them from said that they were Chihuahuas. They were even registed by the City as such. A power company worker was doing work in our neigborhood said that they weren’t Chuihuahuas. The male dog is a Jack Russell Terrier and the female is an Alaskan Malamute. We got another dog last November and she is a full Teacup Chuihuahua. My question is about the Malamute. Nora is extremely gentle. Is she suppose to groom the others even the oldest one; who hates it. She thinks the Teacup is hers. She babies her and the Terrier. Nora is about thirteen pounds and at two should we expect her to grow anymore? My Aunt told me that I have a rare breed. She said that Nora is a miniature Malamute? Is there such a things Please e-mail me with the answer to [email protected] or Jacq6265 @aol.com.
    I would appreciate an answer !!

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