Remembering Senator Kennedy

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Love his politics or hate them, there’s no denying that Ted Kennedy was a loyal and loving human to his dogs.  He even wrote a children’s book called “My Senator and Me”, giving author credit to his Portuguese Water Dog, Splash.

Check out this 2006 interview from the Boston Globe, from which an excerpt appears below:

Is there anywhere Splash can’t go?
The Senate floor. He is a little upset about it. [He opens a copy of the book.] “I know the rules, no dogs allowed on the Senate floor. But I don’t like it. I see plenty of senators, and they don’t behave any better than I do.”

But he’s seen some famous people and places.
He’s met Elton John. He was in the Oval Office. He has a dog bone from President Bush. He gave me this rawhide dog bone and wrote on it, “From Barney to Splash.” I take him to all the hearings; he always sits under the table. He goes to press conferences, to the Cape. He loves to take long trips in the boat. He could sail all day.

Doesn’t he get to be something of a distraction?
Not really. [Splash barks and tries to retrieve a tennis ball from under the couch.] But one time [during a committee hearing] we had a roll call, and when we came back, Splash was sitting in the chairman’s chair.

How does he behave around other senators?
One time, the caucus went on too long, and Joe Biden and Paul Wellstone were speaking louder and louder. Splash started to bark, so Paul Sarbanes made him an honorary member of our caucus.

What does Splash do when he sees the bomb-sniffing dogs?
He waits until we pass. And then he barks.

Senator Kennedy, you will be missed, not only by those in the political world, but also by those in the dog world.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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