K-9 Cops on Animal Planet

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While I’ve been waiting for my knee to heal, I’ve been watching a lot of television, and recently found a new show I really like.  Have you seen K-9 Cops on Animal Planet yet?

The show features the K-9 squad from the St. Paul, Minnesota Police Department.  They take the viewer along on a typical “day in the life”, including patrolling in the car (where we get a chance to hear from the human officers on how it’s different to be a K-9 officer than a regular officer), going on raids, and taking down bad guys.

Here’s what their website has to say about the show:

Meet the K9 Cops—on the front line in the war against crime. On the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota, an elite unit are on patrol 24/7.  The twenty-two officers and dogs of the world-renown St. Paul Police Department K9 Unit are dispatched to deal with the toughest cases and the hardest criminals.

We witness the intense partnership between dog and handler in the high-pressure situations of their daily working lives in the roughest parts of town—and how the relationship is forged, off-duty, at home.  Our cameras are rolling on the hundred mile-per-hour chases, the nail-biting pursuits and the no-holds-barred arrests.  With exclusive access, we take you where no series has gone before—into the very heart of one of the finest K9 teams in the world.

You can catch up on the first five episodes of this new series at 1 pm weekdays.

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  1. I have met several of the men and dogs when a PR visit was paid to the fifth precinct hq in south Minneapolis. An awesome crew. The turnout for the memorial service for a slain dog-on-a-chase a few years back was remarkable.

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