Poodle Madness

For those of you who enjoyed the last set of pictures I published from grooming shows, I stumbled across this slideshow from MSNBC.com. Too cute!

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Good day, and good dog!

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10 thoughts on “Poodle Madness”

  1. Dog Lady – you’re more than welcome!
    Experience with dogs in general yes, grooming only more recently! Currently I am the only and first member of IPG in Nova Scotia!
    The first time I saw a dog groomed in these “freaky” ways, my first thought was why?! I think my second was that poor dog. Now I have witnessed this first hand and watched in awe at these creations coming alive – I admire these groomers for their creativity etc etc!
    It’s always the negative that is portrayed or shouted about – I think that’s why there are so many dogs out there in distress or with issues! Too few of us humans give positive feedback on anything! Positive feedback is what all good training is based on – we need to be bringing it closer to human relationships!!
    I love to jump on my soapbox too but especially to defend a “family” I’m proud to be a part of and they continue to educate me on so many issues!
    Paula – I’m a HUGE advocate for the SPCA, whether it be in the US, Canada or the UK, where I’m originally from. I started volunteering with the SPCA when I was 15! My first experience was to clean the kennels of a litter of border collie puppies which had been rescued as a cruelty case. I learnt to deal with pooh splattered walls pretty quickly! I also witnessed having to put some to sleep as they were not getting better – they had been starved. That’s why I’m so against all these people who have a cute puupy and they decide to breed etc etc. At that time in Britian there were 1500 dogs being put to sleep every week – and that was before the population explosions and popularity we are in the middle of now. I believe cruelty extends to those who selfishly reproduce dogs (and cats) without taking a moment to understand that a HUGE percentage of dogs are being euthanised due to overcrowding of shelters and of ignorant owners who buy a puppy on a whim and lose interest in six weeks.
    Paula – also consider these dogs who looked uncomfortable…. they’ve just been separated from their handler to be put on a platform and have lights and a camera thrust in their face! Sometimes that’s all it takes! I’ve also seen wonderful dogs in shelters with amazing dispositions considering their history and when that camera comes out, they might cower in the back of their cage! (Oh no, the human’s gone all alien again on me – what do I do?!)
    Take care of yourselves and more importantly, your animals – we’re all they have.

  2. ANIMAL CRUELTY–GO THE S.P.C.A., animal Rescues, and Shelters and see the dogs, cats, etc–without an eye, leg, sad eyes.

    Whether dogs, cats,adult humans, children, as long as they love this beauty type activity–go for it. I know some dogs just love the attention, the applause, individual grooming,and hours of grooming–go for it.
    This is the U.S.A. and you have freedoms. I know that some animals and humans just love attention, people, and must hear that applause.
    Poodles are known for high intelligence.
    A few poodles looked uncomfortable and dogs are always wanting to please.

  4. Wendie – Thanks for setting the record straight! Sounds like you’ve had quite a bit of experience with these competitions and with grooming. I’m glad you contributed something on the positive side.

  5. I can’t believe the ignorance of the above posts!
    Firstly, if you were a groomer of any caliber or understood how much time care and effort goes into creating something like this, you would not be saying these things. If you’ll notice,the peacock, snail and chicken are all the same dog! These dogs LOVE this! I’ve seen it done and watched the dogs act out of the ring too. These are happy, loved, well mannered, relaxed dogs. It’s obvious from the above comments that few of you know anything about canine body language.
    Secondly, these dogs enjoy this! If they didn’t they would not stand on a grooming table for an hour at a time during these competitions – which are internationally renowned and respected. A dog needs A LOT of time spent with it to know how to act to grooming and you can watch any of these competitions and know that there are no stressed, paniced, fearful, neurotic dogs involved! Also, I’d like to mention that no sedation is used either as a sedated dog won’t stand that long! I have watched some waiting to see if they move as some times you would swear they were fake!
    Thirdly, animal cruelty? Not even slightly! What IS animal cruelty is when a new customer arrives at my grooming room with their little mixed mutt they spent a fortune on which inevitably came from a backyard breeder, puppy mill, pet store or Kijiji and it’s their first groom in six months! The dogs are generally matted and require a great deal of care to remove their “pelt”. Also, as the dog has not generally been handled often enough, groomed regularly (on longer coats it should be every 8 weeks) or maybe even brushed during this time (and if they have it hasn’t been correctly), they can be a fidget, struggle, try to bite and even pee or pooh on the table. Now YOU try dealing with that AND have to remove the coat, sometimes in dire cases, with a surgical blade without cutting, pinching or giving any distress to the animal! THAT’S animal cruelty.
    You try not brushing your hair (or kids’ hair) for even those 8 weeks and see what a mess that would be!!
    The lady with the Bostons… you have that breed for a reason – low maintenance! And no, no-one in their right mind would want to dye a Boston coat – that’s what doggy clothes are for!
    Cindy – it’s not degrading, but yes, does look strange. Must be said though that these grooms are perfected for the “Creative Styling” Contest and aren’t everyday creations! If you had a chance to go to one of these shows and see the dogs literally prancing outside the ring – they’re so proud of themselves it’s funny!
    Also, there is a huge expense involved in getting to, preparation, entry fees, accommodation etc. etc. for which most participants get no financial gain for. You have to appreciate the dedication to their field and love of the animal these people have.
    So, please look outside the bok before you all go off ranting from your soap boxes!

  6. Classified as Animal Crulety. Unless your dog really enjoys this activity.

    A few Poodles looked as though they enjoyed the attention, but almost all looked sad about their FREAK SHOW.

    Humans have children, babies dressup wearing makeup for shows, so I guess other humans have dogs for dressup, painting to fill up the emptyness.

    Only if your dog or child really, really, really, enjoys the attention and dressup, go for it otherwise don’t do that.

    Meetup.com/Chihuahua, Small dogs-Westside, Beach Areas
    Meetup.com/Doggies of Santa Barbara/Montecito

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