Health Care Reform / A Bailout for Your Dog

USA Today is reporting that Representative Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican from Michigan, has proposed a bill which would allow people to deduct up to $3,500 per year on their taxes for expenses related to pet health care.  From reading the bill, it sounds as if you can deduct not only vet care, but also food, accessories, and supplies.

Known as The Happy (Humanity And Pets Partnered through the Years) Act, the bill is now being debated in the House Committee on Ways and Means.  The goal of the bill is to encourage responsible pet care and reduce the abandonment of pets which has skyrocketed during the current recession.

Citing research from the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, the bill states that 63% of us have pets in the household.  The bill also makes note of the positive effects the human-animal bond has on our emotional and physical well being.

Support the bill by calling or writing your Congressman and asking him to vote for house bill HR3501.  You can find contact information for elected officials by entering your zip code here.

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3 thoughts on “Health Care Reform / A Bailout for Your Dog”

  1. My family spent over $600 this month on a bichon frise stray that we rescued. It’s soooo great to hear the government is trying to do something about how much money it costs to help your pet!

  2. I cannot believe this could actually pass, sounds to good to be true.
    Just spent a little over $400 on our English Setter for Xrays and blood work for suspected bronchitis. The only reason I let him do the Xrays and blood work as he said the symptoms didn’t exactly seem like bronc. but possilbe heart failure.
    She is 8 years old so i suspose that was a possibility but after all that, he just put her an antibiotics and she seems much improved!!! GRRR!!!

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