Name Ronnie Nose’s Dog

ronnie noseThis is short notice, as the end date of the contest is this Friday!  Nasonex (an allergy nasal spray) is running a contest to name the dog which appears in their online game, “Don’t Blow It”.  The star of the game is Ronnie Nose, a large nose which apparently uses Nasonex to avoid allergy symptoms.  Ronnie now has a dog who needs a name.

Contest Rules:

Name Ronnie Nose’s Dog Contest

  • Contest runs from August 3 to September 11, 2009
  • Enter by submitting a creative name at
  • One winner will receive a $500 gift certificate to FetchDog and have his/her name featured on the “Don’t Blow It” game
  • Two runners-up will each receive a $250 gift certificate to FetchDog

Good luck!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Name Ronnie Nose’s Dog”

  1. Stephanie & JoAnn – I checked with the lady who sent me the information originally. She says the company has picked a winner but is going through the paperwork still to make sure (s)he meets all eligibility requirements. She has promised to let me know as soon as they announce, and I’ll post it on the blog. Stay tuned!

  2. To JoAnn C. –

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I can’t find the winning name either. Apparently it wasn’t either of us or we would know about it 🙂 Still – I’d like to know the winning name! If anyone knows, please post here. Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know the results of the “Name Ronnie’s Dog” contest. I checked out the website & it says they have picked a winner and the name is printed in the “Don’t Blow It” game but I sure can’t find it.

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