Have you had a good experience at PetSmart?

If you shop at PetSmart, and you’ve had a good experience there, you could win $1,000 just for telling your story on their Facebook page sometime between now and July 31st.

Here’s how the Happiness In Store Contest works:  This contest asks Pet Parents to share a short story about a happy experience they (and their pet) had with a PetSmart associate. And get this…contest participants get a $5 off coupon simply for entering! So what’s the grand prize, you ask? At the end of the contest period, three finalists will be featured in PetSmart advertising and will each receive $1,000. Furthermore, PetSmart will be giving away $500 gift cards each week to those who enter and help spread the news about the contest.

So, take a few minutes to share your positive experience, and let us know if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog

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