Hello from Cooper the Vizsla

CooperMom’s taking a well-deserved day off today, so she asked me to write the blog. I’m her four-legged son, Cooper the Vizsla. I wanted to tell you about a couple of the things I’ve done lately. Don’t judge – I’m sure you do things you regret later, too.

The grown-ups at my house were busy getting Christmas presents ready. They were crocheting scarves for all the aunts and uncles. Now, you have to understand that I absolutely HATE being cold. My favorite place to snuggle is under the afghan with my mom while we are watching Animal Planet. If she won’t let me under the afghan, I keep pawing at it, and at her, until she lets me. Well, how was I to tell the difference between a crocheted afghan and a crocheted scarf? She actually laughed at me when I kept bugging her to put me under the blanket. I’m still not sure she wasn’t lying to me when she said it was something different.

Then the next day, Mom was getting ready for a Christmas concert at church. She pulled out this long silver thing [a flute] and started blowing in it. Man! It sounded like that evil thing was really torturing her. Not to fear! I make an excellent guard dog! I jumped off the bed, into her lap, pushing the back of the La-Z-Boy into the recline position and began licking her face to revive her. She wanted me to stop, but I knew better! I couldn’t allow her to let her guard down and be attacked by that silver tube again!

Mom will be back tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed my stories!

Until next time,
I’m always a good dog!

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One thought on “Hello from Cooper the Vizsla”

  1. Cooper…I am so glad that you are taking care of your mommy! You test her afghans and keep that bad silver stick from attacking her! Thanks…we need your mom.

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