Incredible Dog Challenge

I wish I would have caught the whole event, but I did catch the tail end of today’s Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

I haven’t followed this in the past, but evidently, it is a whole series of events featuring dogs doing various activities with humans. The parts I caught were the Avalanche rescue, where the dogs had to find and help dig out a volunteer who had barricaded himself in a snow bank. The dogs were pretty awesome, finding the people in very little time – which of course would be important in a real avalanche.

The second part I saw was a race of dog against man in a downhill ski slalom event. It was clear the people were holding back, but it was fun to watch the dogs race them through weave poles and down the hill. Each dog also had a human “guide” taking them through the poles – I think these people had it the worst out of everybody. They were in regular shoes, trying to make it down the hill without killing themselves.

The competition moves to St. Petersburg, FL next for the start of the summer activities. I’ll try to get a date for you so you can set your TiVos.

The Purina site isn’t yet updated, but here is some information from the 2009 challenge, as well as a link where you can sign up for video podcasts of the events.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Incredible Dog Challenge”

  1. Hellol there!
    I got a dog when I was about the age of 9 He is a peek-a-poo named pepper Just about a year ago he was hit by a car miraculously he didnt need to go to the vet and he made it through all though with sore bones I mad sure he was comfortable just in case he passed through the night. Thinking about loosing my bestfriend would be horrible. A couple weeks later he was back to his old self. (: After a couple months had passed me and pepper were out by the car saying goodbye to friends we were on teh curb and a car came by hit his nose and he flew into the road where the car struck him! He had to go to the vet it was the worst thing in the world he was bleeding out his nose but hes a fighter with no surgies and everything fine he made it once again! the doctors say he might be blind in one eye and might have arthiridus but he hasnt changed and he still lives as my bestfriend

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