Really Bad Dog Drawings

Okay, so none of you have sent in your dog drawings from Monday, so I thought I’d get the ball rolling. After you see these, and after you have stopped laughing, start drawing. Yours can’t possibly be worse!  (Remember, I told you I can’t even draw stick figures.)

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Really Bad Dog Drawings”

  1. Sorry, Onnalee – I don’t remember writing one, but I’ll see what I can find out & post another response. I love the idea of adult tricycles – such a good way to get exercise, but pretty low risk of falling off, for those of us who are athletically-challenged!

  2. Hey -ho! I am purchasing a 24″ adult tricycle and would like to get information on the attachment of dog leash that will allow her to run along side without getting tangled … I seem to recall an article on this

  3. sorry bout the manyu misspelled words but i was on a cell phone, letters are small. also my dogs thank you also for allowing me to speak up for them. ps i also will be helping mu poodle who accedently breed with daddy pit deliver her pups in an other couple of weeks, will be looking for good homes for her pups.

  4. yes i do have something to say. i am 42 and i have tryed to think of a time in my life that i didn’t have dogs or cats or both. I havejhad just bout ever kind of doggie out there and i think the most vilent one was between a chichi and a cocker the latest were 4 pitbulls at one time. I had the mom, dad, 1st son and a son from the second litter, my female was a rednosie wirh a fighjting blood line but the 7,6,and 5 years that i have had all 4 pit have none of them every fougjt each other nor have never attacted or harmed another animal or human. I hurts to hear so many of this breed are being puy dowm and branded as evil dogs. Can’t people see it’s people that are the evil and not the dogs! thank you sandy

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