Chance’s bad weekend

I spent last weekend at a family reunion near Cincinnati.  My next oldest brother, Jim, and his wife Phyllis have a son, er… dog named Chance.  This is not a case of people who treat their dog like a child.  They actually consider him their offspring.  And he couldn’t have had a worse weekend.

Our oldest brother, Randy, drove to Ohio from upstate New York, and parked on the curb in front of Phyllis and Jim’s house.  Having recently been hit by a deer (no, not the other way around), Randy’s car had a piece of door molding hanging loose, which Jim thought he could fix.  He told Randy to pull into the driveway so they wouldn’t have to get out the extension cord.

After the car was fixed, Randy backed his car out to the curb.  Only Chance was laying near one of the tires.  The car tire nipped his paw, creating a gash that required three stitches to close.  Apparently he wasn’t too mad (or at least not as mad as mommy Phyllis was) because he was laying at Randy’s feet after returning from the emergency vet’s office.

You guessed it!  Randy stood up and stepped on the other paw!  I always knew Randy was a cat person, but I never thought he’d go to such extremes to prove it. 

Not sure why, but Randy still got to sleep in the people house that night, rather than the dog house!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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