Wednesday’s Wild Wacky World of Dog News

From Toledo, under the category of “Go Figure”.  Here’s the headline, which tells you just about all you need to know:


The Associated Press is reporting on a German Shepherd named Sarge, who wound up at the Toledo Area Humane Society in July after his owner and another man took turns shooting at him while he was locked in a cage.

Sarge bit two people at the Humane Society and was set to be transferred to Southern Utah’s Best Friends Animal Society, the same n0-kill shelter that rehabilitated many of Michael Vick’s fighting pit bulls.

Alas, Sarge has now bitten the wife of a Humane Society employee, and has been ordered to stay in Ohio for another ten days while they look for signs of rabies.  The transfer to Utah is planned for after the quarantine period has expired.

Now, do we want to have the debate about whether German Shepherds are vicious by birth or by environment?  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I’ve heard of shooting fish in a barrel, but shooting dogs in a cage?  C’mon people!

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