Product Review: Flava Burst Dog Chew Toys from Hanover

Hanover Accessories was kind enough to send me some samples of their Flava Burst brand Dog Chew Toys.  The treats come in three sizes, perfect for any dog, and they are available in three different scents / flavors:  bacon, peanut butter, or pizza.

Here’s what the company says are the benefits of their product:

  • Features a new breakthrough technology that provides long lasting flavor and scent
  • Unlike existing products that simply spray on flavor. Flava Burst technology incorporates infused flavor that is slowly released through diffusion
  • Unique pet chew shapes and textures designed to engage pets
  • FDA compliant – product mixture of FDA approved components (meets 21 CFR regulations)
  • Durable TPR and EVA plastics that pass pet toy test requirements

I gotta say, I wasn’t all that impressed.  Of my four dogs, only one was terribly interested in any of the toys, and he  rapidly chewed them into small bits.  The scents, while designed to attract the dogs, were pretty “fragrant” for those of us with two legs.  And the bacon-flavored toy, when chewed up and spit out, looks remarkably like dog doo when you see it on your carpet.  (Although it’s a lot easier to clean up.)

The bone-shaped toys are soft and pliable, and have a shape that should be comfortable in your dog’s mouth.  I just couldn’t get my dogs interested in them enough to make it worth my while to buy any more of them.

In my opinion, they need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Flava Burst Dog Chew Toys from Hanover”

  1. Dangerous!! My dog loved these, but chewed the end off and swallowed it, resulting in it getting stuck in her bowel and her needing surgery to remove it.

  2. My little doggie seems to love the Flava chew but I’m worried that he may be eating the bits he pulls off. I need to find out whether or not this is ok. I’m rather confused as it isn’t clear if this is just a toy that should be indestructible or if it is a chew that can be eaten. Please can someone advise me. My doggie is only a 6mth old puppy.

  3. My (English) Bulldog LOVEDDDD this toy. She is happily chewing on the peanut butter one as I type. It’s a bummer though, she’s chewing it to bits like you said. I’m worried about her eating it as she has done with other plastic toys like it, so I need to watch her carefully. She has the large, they need to make a bigger size. She’s only 45lbs although she does have that strong bulldog jaw.With a larger size hopefully she wouldn’t be able to get her mouth around it to chew off parts.

    Great to have her be enthused about a toy but the breaking off parts…not good.

  4. Found these at Target and bought a peanut butter one (pizza smelled too garlicky, bacon smelled of smoke). Our pug loved it. They are rubbery and she can chew this on her own. Easy for us to hold with the ring in the middle. Went back to buy more but they were gone. We love them! It is by far, her favorite toy.

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