Saturday Survey: How Much Did You Pay For Your Dog?

I went to a graduation party this evening, and one of the couples at our table has been struggling with their Golden Retriever who has cancer. They have another dog, and are worried about her being lonely, so they’re starting to think about what kind of dog they want to get after Molly goes. Then, we got to talking about the differences between buying a dog from a breeder and adopting one from a shelter.

One of the biggest differences, of course, is price.  How much was your doggie in the window?

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: How Much Did You Pay For Your Dog?”

  1. My lovable beagle “Danny Boy” was free from the shelter. They do, of course, require an adoption fee but my theory is that the dogs are free because their value is priceless!!

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