Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Have a Facebook Page?

I was flipping through FaceBook the other day and saw a lot of pages that weren’t per se people.  Does your dog have his or her own page?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Have a Facebook Page?”

  1. No, my two Shih Tzu boys do not have Facebook pages but neither do I? Are the three of us behind times? Will they resent me for it someday? Will my inactions be the causes for their eventual psychosis, neurosis, low self esteem?

    Before you begin to just me, I want you all to know that the last time I needed to renew a credit card, I submitted their photo instead of mine. You might, in that case, say that my dogs share a credit card and that proves that I’m not such a bad canine mom, after all.

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