Tuesday Top Six: Smiling Dog Pictures

Yahoo! News recently asked Flickr users to send in their pictures of happy, smiling dogs.  Unfortunately, they didn’t label them, so I don’t have any background information for you.  So, we’ll just enjoy the snaps and say thanks to all of you, whoever you are, that shared these.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Six: Smiling Dog Pictures”

  1. The white dog at the top of the list–reminds me of the Samoyed we once had. The breed COMES that way! But that one is truly expressive. They all are. Corgi’s have a built-in smile, too. My Beagle? Most of the time she looks like “Eeyore” of Winnie-ther-Pooh. Her biggest smiles are done with frantic tail wags.
    RE: off-leash times … around here in Ely, it is deemed unwise as there are four known large packs of wolves that roam the woods around the town and have been known to dine on doggies, even ones that were chained in the owners yards. Took a smallish pack just 90 seconds to destroy and devour my daughter’s clutch of free-ranging semi-exotic laying hens last year. Things are little quieter now–plenty of deer available.

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