Do you trust your dog groomer?

Have you seen the news out of Knoxville, TN, about a groomer who has had several dogs die in his care?  Most recently, Moxie, a five-year old Beagle, died after being bathed at Happy Tails Grooming.   While the groomer says the dog had a seizure, an autopsy showed heat exhaustion as well as broken ribs and a punctured liver.

According to the groomer, Moxie was always difficult to care for, and she bit the groomer when he attempted to lift her out of the tub.  He denies flinging the dog, saying, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t love these [pets].”  The groomer also denies using cage dryers, which in the past have been associated with heat exhaustion.  He states that the establishment uses only handheld units.

In turn, the family’s vet states that although many Beagles are very vocal, they are “wimps”, and that Moxie was never a biting dog.  She also states that the autopsy revealed multiple points of trauma, including bruising to the dog’s ear and gum tissue.  The official cause of death was hemorrhaging due to the punctured liver.

A review of Knox County Circuit Court cases indicates three pending lawsuits against Happy Tails for deaths in 2005, 2007, and early 2008.  One was due to an incorrect medication being given, while the other two were heat-related.  The attorney handling the cases, Steve Gillman, states, “When you string all these incidents together, it certainly does make you wonder what’s going on over there.”

So, what about it, readers?  Did you do any sort of a background check before hiring a groomer?  Have you had a problems?

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4 thoughts on “Do you trust your dog groomer?”

  1. There are alot of good groomers out there. It’s such a shame to hear about things like this …it’s really sad.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Zima & JoAnn. Goes to show that when you have a “bad” feeling, even if you can’t identify it, you should always believe your instincts.

  3. I have never had a problem with a groomer but I have certainly heard of several horror stories. To avoid any horror stories of my own I always have my beagle bathed and groomed at his Vet’s office. The technicians who work there have been trained to handle all types of pets & if my Vet approves of them that’s good enough for me. Ideally I would prefer to groom him myself but I have a physical problem that makes it too difficult.

  4. I too, had a bad, “feeling” about my groomer, when I notice some rude actions. My two Beagles, were having their nails clip. The little one, had taken off, with her leash, running towards me, and looked upset. The other was next in the room , having her nails clipped next. Her was yelling at her, to be quiet, and I mean he was yelling! I could hear him, in the waiting room, down the hallway. An other time, he shaved my lab, and when I got him, he was bleeding from his muzzle and also had another cut under his belly. The groomer came out to deliver my lab, and was very quick to leave. I was not told my Lab was bleeding ,and I only noticed it after I put him the car. After that, I told my spouse, that this guy must really hate his job, or it very rough with dogs, and might be with kids! I never took my pets back, and told my friends to beware of this place!
    I hope the groomer in TN. gets some form of punishment. By sad to say, the owners do not have their pet, anymore.

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