Chained to a Fence, Arizona Dog Dies of Heat Exhaustion

The temperature near Phoenix Monday was 117 degrees, so naturally Ismael Ochoa thought it would be a great day to leave his dogs outside with no shade and no water. The dogs were chained to a fence on Ochoa’s property where one died and three others were taken by authorities, suffering from heat exhaustion. A neighbor tried to help, but could not resuscitate the deceased dog after he collapsed.

According to the local NBC affiliate, 12News, Ochoa tried to flee the scene when Maricopa County Sheriff deputies arrived, but was arrested at gunpoint. He had active warrants on unrelated cases at the time of his arrest, and may be charged with up to four counts of animal cruelty.

The three living dogs were turned over to the MASH unit, run by inmates at the 1st Avenue Jail.

Now I don’t know whether Ochoa was being malicious or just stupid, but I hope dog lovers everywhere are paying attention. There is no earthly reason to leave your dogs out when the temperatures are above 80 or so. Especially without shade or water. If you don’t want your dogs in the house, I would question why you have them, but at least put them in the barn or provide a dog house where they can get a partial respite from the heat.

Common sense! I know not everyone has it, but please, please, please protect your dog from extreme heat.

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Chained to a Fence, Arizona Dog Dies of Heat Exhaustion”

  1. Did the jerk have his air-conditioning on and was his water on to his house? If so , he knew it was to hot for the dogs to be in the sun with nothing to drink. He is mean and should never be allow to own an animal again. After his stay in jail, he show go home and never come back.

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