OFF-LEASH DOGS IN THE CITY – my peeve with owners

Have you ever seen those so-well-behaved dogs that follow their owners around without a leash even in a busy city centre? Their dogs sit at stop-lights, run ahead or behind but never out of sight, and wait at intersections for their masters to arrive. It appears to be any dog-owner’s dream to have such a well-behaved pet, BUT, isn’t it dangerous?

I’ve always been afraid to even TRY that with my dog…… isn’t it JUST possible that an off-leash dog would spot a cat, or squirrel, and just BOLT off into traffic??? Isn’t it just possible that for whatever reason, a dog could suddenly take off and come in harm’s way or attack another animal?

I just think that no matter how well trained a dog is, there’s always that possibility that he could spot something that might trigger a chase reaction! Worse, without a tether, one has NO control over one’s pet.

I personally just couldn’t take that chance with my dog, for her own or someone else’s safety, no matter how convinced she might have me that she’d always stay by me without a leash!!

What do you think????

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5 thoughts on “OFF-LEASH DOGS IN THE CITY – my peeve with owners”

  1. My Labradors walks off leash but that is only on the backroads of our suburbs. Once we get to a busy street, the leashes are put right back on. How am I to know if something will startle them enough to drive them into the street? It’s my responsibility to protect my girls and, although I love having the opportunity to have them walk beside me without a lead, I wouldn’t bet their lives on it.

  2. Their reflex is like that of little children who would suddenly run over the street when they see Mum or Dad, or friends on the other side. I would be just as protective of dogs, as I would of tots, and keep doggies on a leash, and hold on to children I’m walking with.

  3. Great idea Cindy….. My dog isn’t a fan of other dogs either, I just had a little dog race up the street off leash to say hello to my Lucy and I had to hold her back and stave the other dog off…… soon after the owner comes running up and yelling at his dog….. he ought to be yelling at himself!

    I think some people believe that there’s just NO WAY their dog would run after anything he’s so well trained….. i just think that there’s a trigger somewhere that might encounter any dog that’ll send him running where he shouldn’t be!!!!!

  4. I have to agree. It’s just too risky. We have let our E. Setter off leash on some trails that we go on occasionally. She doesn’t like to let us out of her sight BUT it would only take one time of her going off after something. It scares me so we don’t do it often. We have had experiences with other people’s dogs off leash that will come to investigate our dog,whom I might add,is not a fan of other dogs. It annoys me. It would be interesting to hear from vets how often they encounter a dog that has been injured while off leash or has injured another dog while off leash?

  5. I absolutely agree!! My nephew just bought one of those leashes where it extends out and I have told him over and over to be really careful because once they run or bolt it is extremely hard to get them back….it is too late!! I wouldn’t do it no matter how well trained.

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