Stand up for dog rights!

I have often wondered if, faced with dire consequences, I would choose to do the right thing. A big wag of the tail to Lynn Jones, a Reno-Tahoe Airport baggage handler who lost her job because she wouldn’t risk a dog’s life to follow her supervisor’s orders. (And a big mean growl to the supervisor who fired her.)

When Jones was working in the cargo area at the airport several weeks ago, she came across a pet carrier containing an emaciated Pointer, his body covered in sores and his feet worn raw. Sure that the dog would die if she put him on the plane, she refused to load the carrier onto a flight bound for Texas. Her supervisor told her that the dog’s condition wasn’t any of her concern, as long as the shipping paperwork was in order.

The dog, who was owned by a hunter and shipped from hunting location to hunting location, was turned over to an animal shelter in Nevada, where he was nursed back to health before being shipped back to the owner in Texas.

Jones, who was recently given an opportunity to tell her side of the story to her former employer, is still without a job.

The supervisor is still apparently employed in good standing.

The company, Airport Terminal Services, says it is investigating and has posted a note on their website that they commend Jones’ “situational awareness and her desire to raise the concern on behalf of the canine.”

Does anyone else see something wrong with this situation?

I couldn’t find a picture of the actual dog from this story, but I did find one of Elby, who is a Pointer from Creston, Ohio who is looking for a forever home.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

UPDATE! Lynn Jones has been offered her job back, but has not yet accepted it. The baggage handling contractor will also make a donation to the Nevada Humane Society to help “strengthen awareness regarding the mistreatment of animals,’’ said Sally Leible, president and CEO of the St. Louis-based company.

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