Do you get TV coverage of the Iditarod where you live?

Apparently worried about the lack of television coverage of the Iditarod in the Lower 48, ESPN’s Page 2 offers the following tongue-in-cheek suggestions to bump up some interest:

• Set the course on fire. This certainly helped NASCAR boost its ratings, and it will provide the added benefit of helping racers stay warm.
• Have newborn Husky pups compete in a parallel competition where the first to make it out of a laundry basket and across the backyard wins the right to never have to compete in the Iditarod.
• One team of dogs is composed of Muppets.
• Cheerleaders! Small outfits! Frostbite! Amputation! Limbless cheers! Hilarity!
• This year’s Super Bowl halftime show had better ratings than the actual game, so periodic musical intermissions are in order. We’re thinking Canine-ye West, Smelton John, Phil Collie, Aerosniff, The Beagles, Mariah Hairy, Lionel Itchy and the Black Eyed Pekingese.
• Gravy-soaked cats.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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