Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Wear a Seat Belt?

Earlier in the week, I posted some information from Trips With Dogs about the importance of dogs wearing seat belts in the car. Do you use them?

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Wear a Seat Belt?”

  1. I don’t use a seatbelt with my GSD, but I will. She LOVES sitting “shotgun” in the front passenger seat. I had to stop suddenly recently and though stopping was from a relatively slow speed she still was thrown into the dashboard. I could see the potential that her neck be broken by her chin raising on the dash but her body forced to the floor. Else, what if the airbag deployed!?! She’s ok today. Now, only her nose will be bent out of shape when she’s seat-belted in the rear seat.

  2. We never used a seatbelt,too afraid it would get chewed,choke the dogs,be too restrictive……..HOWEVER…we uase an elevated seat with is anchored by the seat belt…Sally LOVES it!!!!!She can see and sleep,or just truely relax and not worry about falling,etc.Great invention!!!!

  3. This is something I wish we could have started with our dog a long time ago but at 11 years old,it’s a bit late,I think.

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