Dogs on the Subway

I spent the weekend in Toronto visiting friends, and thought this dog was just too cute. Who knew they allowed dogs to ride on the subway? And do you have to buy a ticket for them?

Anyways, this is Fin, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. And, by the way, their fur really is very soft!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Dogs on the Subway”

  1. I have been to Marys Kennel,and have had the pleasure of spending some time there while I picked out two English labs to re-home,NOT ONCE,did I see abuse,but witnessed some of the best behaved dogs that I have ever seen,sweet calm,affectionate …..I re homed 2 English labs, Louanne and Kipper,and placed them in loving homes,and the folks that adopted Kipper,now have Sadie,that Mary rescued and moved forward to Kippers owner as Kipper needed company ….These 3 dogs get together from time to time ,and get reacquainted,and it a ball to watch,all 3 dogs have walked with 17 other dogs and there has never been an issue ! All 3 are doing very well in their new homes,and I’d take any dog from Mary Corbett without hesitation !

    Jim Lambert

  2. Corbett Kennels IS NOT a puppy mill. Mary is ” in a perfect world” a good breeder. I have met her dogs. They are friendly, social, and didn’t jump on us when we walked up the drive. I have a 6 month old weim from her. Lilly is the best dog I’ve ever had. There was a misunderstanding a while back and I wrote a crappy review out of anger on account I didn’t understand what I was typing. I was the idiot. I will buy another dog from Mary, and only Mary.

  3. Dogs are allowed on public transportion in Europe as long as they’re kept on a leash, and wearing a muzzle.

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