2012 Hero Dog Awards

2011 Winning Hero Dog / Courtesy HeroDogAwards.org
Did you like last year’s Hero Dog Awards Show? Now’s your chance to vote on this year’s winners.

Cast your vote for heroes like Holly, an 11-year-old seizure alert and response service Collie; Gabe, a Labrador Retriever who has completed over 210 combat missions with 26 finds of explosives and weapons for the United States military; and Stella, a standard Poodle who was certified by Therapy Dogs International in July 2011.

Remember that each dog is partnered with a worthy charity such as K-9s for Cops, The American Rescue Dog Association, or The Foundation for Service Dog Support, which receives a cash prize related to the number of votes earned by their partner dog.

The winners will be announced on October 6th at a Hollywood gala.

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