Henry the Golden Retriever: Autistic Boy’s Savior

This moving You-Tube video tells the story of Henry, a beautiful Golden Retriever, who ended up being a lifeline to Dale, an 8-year old autistic boy.

Isn’t it amazing what dogs can do? The book detailing Henry and Dale’s journey is called “A Friend Like Henry” and is available on Amazon.

Truly inspiring!

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One thought on “Henry the Golden Retriever: Autistic Boy’s Savior”

  1. When our son, Jaimie, was finally diagnosed as “Autistic” Bruno Betelheim in Chicago was leading the blame assigning on failure of the mother.
    In 1969, Jaimie was institutionalized at the age of 4. Shortly thereafter the consensus shifted. Jaimie is still institutionalized and is a ward of the state.

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