Preparing for Disaster

Although tornadoes like the ones that recently hit Oklahoma don’t usually come with enough warning to allow you to evacuate, there are many other disasters such as hurricanes that you can escape from.

According to Trips with Pets, many “pets are abandoned during hurricanes and natural disasters every year. Pet owners’ lack of planning is a big part of the problem. Many find themselves scrambling to find a safe harbor for their pet in the event of evacuation from their homes.”

In response, they have come up with a very comprehensive guide to preparing for disasters with your dog. Remember that Red Cross shelters are not allowed to admit pets other than service animals, and if you wait until the last minute, most boarding facilities will be filled to capacity.

Check out the Trips with Pets Disaster Preparedness Guide and make your disaster survival plan now. And if you’ll be traveling with your dog this summer, look to Trips with Pets to help you find pet-friendly lodging throughout the United states.

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