Chopper the Biker Dog

Remember Chopper? He’s back, and recently accompanied Adam to his dental appointment. Adam, who has Down Syndrome, recently spent three years fighting leukemia, so he’s about had it with any experience related to the medical field. Chopper was able to help him calm down long enough to get the exam done.

Chopper (who is very talented and can even write stuff on his own Facebook timeline) has this to say about the experience: Adam was excited to walk into the dentist office with me, showing me off to everyone, taking his mind off why he was even there. Then providing the comfort and letting Adam hold my paw during the exam… Adam was totally at ease and relaxed.

Being a therapy dog, it is a wonderful feeling knowing I was able to provide comfort, even if it was just being there, or to lend a “paw”.
Way to go Adam!!

And way to go, Chopper!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Chopper the Biker Dog”

  1. What a brave boy Adam is – and what a super clever doggie! I wish I had Chopper to accompany me and let me hold hs paw on my next dental appointment!

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